If the Buddha Came to Dinner – How to Nourish Your Body to Awaken Your Spirit

by Halé Sofia Schatz

“If the Buddha came to dinner at your home, what would you serve? Fast food? A frozen meal quickly reheated in the microwave? Chances are you’d feed your honored guest a delicious meal prepared with love and care. But the next time you have dinner, what will you eat ?
With so much processed food in the marketplace, obesity in adults and children dramatically on the rise, and digestive problems increasingly more common, it’s clear that we’re facing a serious food crisis in this country. The answer, however, isn’t just go on a diet. Reducing the intake of refined and processed foods and increasing whole foods certainly can improve one’s health. But we need more. We need to feed ourselves with a sense of purpose, self-respect, love, and passion for our lives. We need to nourish our spirits.
Nourishment isn’t a fad diet but a lifelong journey, and Halé Sofia Schatz is the ideal guide. Gentle, wise, humorous, she shows us the way to the heart of nourishment – our own inner wisdom that knows exactly how to feed our whole self. A perfect blend of inspiration and practical suggestions, If the Buddha Came to Dinner includes guidelines for selecting vital foods, ideas for keeping your energy balanced throughout the day, a cleanse program, and over 60 recipes to awaken your palate. “

One’s Spirit

Life goals: To wake up. To teach. To enjoy everything. To learn. To be connected. To discover our gifts and use them. To understand love. 

Journey: to explore the inner regions of yourself.

The only purpose of our spirit is to help us make connections, heal and to be our truest selves. It is the place within ourselves that is balanced, connected to the source of life, when we are at home. When the body and emotions are unbalanced, we can’t hear the voice that is our spirit. 

When you’re aligned with your spirit, your whole life opens up. You feel deeply connected to a source of wisdom that exists within you, that guides you and helps you develop your unique gifts and talents. With experience comes the faith and understanding that your spirit always directs you to the next stage necessary for your growth. Purifying my body as a way to help me grow spiritually. 

Deep within us exists a well of nourishment where we can find the sustenance to live joyful and meaningful lives. And nourishment allows u to realize that you have control

Being Aware

We need to feed ourselves with a sense of purpose, focus, self-love, and passion for out lives. Eating while listening to how our body feels, in the present moment. Making food choices based on our needs for physical energy, mental clarity, creativity, focus. 

Learn the rythms and need of our body. Become aware.

Who am I feeding? What emotion am I feeding?

All of us eat for somebody else all day long, whether its an old part of ourselves, a loved one or the pain of the world. By feeding those other voices, you miss the opportunity to nourish your true self. For example, craving sweets sometimes relates to feelings about ones mother.

By bringing awareness to how we feed ourselves, we also have the ability to shine the light of awareness on all parts of ourselves. 

It’s all about a change of consciousness.

Feeding Yourself as a Spiritual Practice

Feeding oneself is a relationship with your true self. Feeding yourself is a practice for spiritual growth. Feeding yourself is a very intimate experience. 

Pure nourishment for our spirit: Pray. Meditation. Yoga. Self-awareness practices. Spend time in nature. Performing acts of service.

Each time we feed ourselves is an opportunity to connect to our bodies, our hearts, our minds, our spirits. Right here. Right now. In this moment. Tune in regularly to your inner voice. Transformational nourishment trains and strenghtens us to listen to the subtle messages of our inner guidance. 

Foods are gifts from the divine. Because our food comes from the source of life, it gives us an opportunity to connect to the divine each time we place something into our mouths. We want to find ways for nourishing yourself to stay calm, balanced, energetic, and connected to your spiritual life force. What your spirit needs to grow and thrive in this body. We strengthen ourselves to stay physically balanced and energetically supple so that we can listen to our spirits messages. 

How to Eat. 

Our bodies and spirits also are affected by the stressful conditions under which the earth and animals are forced to overproduce. 

We need to feed ourselves foods that are as close to the source as possile. These are vital essence foods: foods that are available in their appropriate season and have undergone little to no processing or chemical treatement. This is a way to recover our natural instincts about how to nourish ourselves. 

For example, domestic apple purchased in markets most likely was picked the previous september, when it also was waxed and chemically treated to sustain cold storage so that you could eat it 6 months after it came off the tree. 

Eating in harmony with the seasons.
Feeding yourself foods that are out of season can lead to immediate imbalances in body. 

Learn more about agricultural and food production practices so you can make informed decisions about those that you are willing to support – with your dollars and your bodies. 

Avoid chemicals (pesticides, gmo) and hormones (bovine growth hormones in dairy and meat products). To increase volume and speed they inject animals with antibiotics and growth hormones, which is then passed along me. This is why organic meat and milk is better. 

What are organic foods? They are those grown closest to natural rhythms as possible- cultivated in fertile soil and without synthetic or genetic intervention. 

All this does not mean we have to buy everything organic etc. Nourishing yourself simply means taking responsibility for the food you put into your body. Read labels. Learn about how and where your food was produced. 

The more control we have of our food source, the more we reconnect to our natural instincts that know when we’re hungry, the appropriate foods for that hunger, and how much we need to be truly satisfied. 


A lot of energy is needed just to digest food. This is why easy digestive foods are important. 

Food difficult to digest are : fried foods, refined, loaded sugar, salt and chemicals. 

The digestive system is abt 25-30 feet- from the mouth to the anus.  It is so extensive. What goes into the mouth stays in the body a long time. We should give ourselves a 12 h break from digestion each day. 

Food combining is important for easy digestion. Grains & proteins together are the most complicated combination to digestion.  For example: sandwiches are bad – slow digestion. 

Sea vegetables are good for skin hair and nails

Orange juice contains the same amount of suger as sodas. 

Sugar creates serious imbalances in our emotional amd spiritual alignment. 

The Cleanse: A Retreat Into Yourself

Goals: to eliminate excesses from the body (toxins, impacted plaque in the intestines, and bacteria) and increase the body’s natural ability to renew itself through the rejuvenation of cellular growth. 

Needed once or twice a year. 

Before cleansing, you need to ask yourself why cleanse? Why now ? Maybe you feel that you’ve gotten far away from your true self and you want to start living in a way that honors your spirit. It could be a time of transition in your life and the cleanse is a powerful tool to help you remain steady and strong through ur transformation. Take time to reflect on your own reasons for cleansing. What do you want to release ? Which part of yourself do you want to strenggthen? What aspect of your life need healing at this time ?

Best time to cleanse is during the transition from one season to the next. Better during spring & fall. Not recommanded during cold.

I dont have to know exactly what’s next. Im getting good at trusting this not-knowing. It makes everything possible.