The Anatomy Of The Spirit – The Seven Stages of Power and Healing

by Caroline Myss

“In Anatomy of the Spirit, Dr Myss sets out a unique programme designed to promote spontaneous physical, emotional and spiritual healing. She explores the links between spiritual and emotional stresses and the specific illnesses these create in different parts of the human energy system. This book also presents Dr Myss’s long-awaited model of the body’s seven centres of spiritual and physical power in which she synthesises the ancient wisdom of three spiritual traditions – the Hindu chakras, the Christian sacraments and the Kabbalah’s Tree Of Life. With this model, Dr Myss shows how you can develop your own latent powers of intuition and simultaneously develop your personal power and spiritual maturity.”


Intuition : Ability to use energy to make decisions in the immediate moment.

Spirituality : An individual experience directed toward releasing fears of the physical world and pursuing a relationship to the divine vs religion, which is a group experience whose main purpose is to protect.

The less we hold on to the physical world, the more we position ourselves to access consciously the energy of the divine.

Buddha : One who is awake

Buddhism and Hinduism are detached from the illusions of the physical world; they can see symbolically, clearly, because they are awake.

Human Energy System

Dr Myss presents a spiritual/biological profile of the human energy system, that holds Seven Energy Centers : The Chakras.

We are biological creations of the Divine.

She makes the raltionship between:
Seven chakras; Seven Christian Sacraments ; Seven Kabbalah Teachings.

These energy centers are the energy cause of diseases. They identify the emotional and phsychological cause of illness.

Each body organ has its own frequency. Our cell tissues hold the vibrational patterns of our attitudes, our beliefs. The emotions from our experiences become encoded in our biological systems and contribute to the formation of our cell tissues, which then generates a quality of energy that reflects those emotions. Each of life’s challenges is recorded within our cell tissues; we live within the biological consequences of our biographical choices.

Mental energy (powering the external world) needs to be in balance with the heart energy (personal domains).
If mind dominates heart, we suffer emotionnally; we seek to control all situations & relationships and maintain authority over emotions.
If heart dominates; we maintain an illusion that all is well.

Every choice that enhances our spirits strengthens our energy field. The stronger our energy field, the fewer our connections to negative people and negative experiences.


Seeing and admitting the truth about ourselves is vital for healing.

How to heal?
Interepret your life’s challenges symbolically. Find a meaning in them. How they connect to your health. How your mind and spirit respond to them. What causes you to lose power. Where do you feel the loss. Evaluate spiritual and biological activity that occurs as a consequence. Evaluate your interactions and their influence on your emotional and physical power. Ask yourself “Why am I losing power, how, how can I recover?”

Look through the lens of symbolic sight. Remind yourself that all physical and emotional obstacles are illusions. Always seek the meaning of a situation and follow it.

Keep our focus on ourselves, not in an egocentric way but as a way of consciously managing our energy and power.

It is not a Person that draws power from you. This person is actually a reflection of some part of yourself.

When you conclude that a specific person is the cause of your feeling, you are slipping into fear and blame. You need to refocus on your power center until you get an impression of what kind of power that person has in relation to you.

Happiness is an internal, personal attitude and responsibility.

Forgive people in our past so that the wounds (negative energy) can no longer damage us. Our wounds only hurt US.

Forgiveness is not saying that its okay. Its an act of consciousness that liberates the psyche and soul from the need for personal vengeance and the perception of oneself as a victim.

All illnessess can be healed but not all ilness will. Sometimes the person has to endure the illness for reasons that help that person confront his or her own fears and negativity. And sometimes its time for the person to die.

Death is not the enemy, fear of death is.

Life Purpose

Our spiritual task is to learn to balance the energies of body and soul. We are meant to explore and develop those 7 energies through this experience called life.

Purpose of life is to understand the power of our spirit.

Seeing things in a spiritual framework adds a dimension of meaning and purpose.

Each energy center contains a universal spiritual life-lesson that we must learn as we evolve into a higher consciousness. If we ignore our responsibility and need to address consciously these seven spiritual lessons, their energy can manifest itself illness. Each of the seven level of power in our biological system contains a sacred truth that pulsates within us, directing us to live according to the right use of its power. We are born with a knowledge of these 7 truths and violating them weakens our body and spirit. Honouring them enhances the strenght of our body and spirit.

“There is only now” – Buddha

“We are everywhere our thoughts are.” – Caroline myss