Healing through Meditation

With Christine Zivic

“When walking the path of enlightenment, in whatever way it may be, we inevitably find ourselves forced to let go of that which does not serve us any longer. Whether it is habits we hold on to, old thought patterns or deeply rooted emotional traumas, we somehow face diffuclt obstacles when stepping into a more graceful state of being. Throughout this 8 week meditation course, we will learn various practical tools to actively heal our emotional wounds and old thought processes. From breathwork to step by step visualisations, each meditation class will build on the next, applying techniques that will bring a better sense of calmness, awareness & love to our hearts, as well as deepen our meditative practise.”



The Sacred Heart Space & the Chakras


Breath & Movement



Mantras, Sound & Intention



The Many Faces of the Ego


The Inner Child




The 12 Main Life Lessons & their Catalysts