The Shift

by Wayne Dyer

Purpose of life: to be happy, to enjoy your life.

How to find it ? Return to nature, find your own nature. Return to the place where we came from.

All beings come from this place called Spirit.

The first 9 months of your life, from the moment of your conception until the moment of your birth, everything was being handle for you, there was nothing for you to do. It’s all taking cared of for you. You just surrender. Everything you need for your journey is there. If you just let go, and allow.
Everything we needed was there for us during these first 9 months. Why wouldn’t it be the same for the rest of our life ? because we interfere…

We have to trust in something outside of ourselves.

Don’t ignore that calling inside of you.

We came from a source, and this source is everywhere. There is no place that it is not. It must be since it created everything. Everything comes from this source. It must be in me. And it must also be in whatever it is that I feel to be missing from my life. Therefore, in some way, everything that is missing from your life that you would like to have, you are already connected to it in Spirit. And all you have to do is figure out a way to align yourself with that.

We are not alone. We are being guided. We have a nature. We should trust this nature. Let yourself be lived by it. Rather than you taking over.

Darma = purpose.
Live from your Darma.
You are always connected to your Darma. You always feel aligned to your Darma, your entire life.

When you become attached to things, you lose who you are when these things go away.

Shift: move into a higher place in your life.
You get to a place in your life, where you start to be guided by something that is larger than yourself. Just stay aligned with what you’re here for. Stay aligned with Spirit, God or wtv it is.

The Shift: is a quantum moment. Some kind of force take over.
– very vivid
– surprise
– benevelant: they always feel good
– enduring: it lasts with you forever.

Let yourself be lived by it. Allow the source to perform its magic. Just surrender to it. Stop interferring in your own life. Everything you need will be there for you at the perfect time.

When you have passion/enthusiasm, this is when god is speaking to you.

Synchronicity: collaboration with faith. There is a powerful organising intellegence thats in all things. and it is working with you and for you. As if you are making it happen, by just being connected to your source.

The source is always supporting you.

We all have a knowing within us.


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