I’ve never felt like this before.

I’ve never felt so “stressed out” about a situation .. or should I say about changes … I am having a shift of emotions. So many different emotions hitting me all at once. I felt the same way when I first moved to Switzerland.

I am also exhausted. mentally. physically.
I am also excited.

From getting an internship (:D) . To applying for my Master’s and thinking about the future, this new beginning coming up (:|) . To having issues with my bachelor (:@) . To planning a trip to India in a 30 days (<3) . To being in my period (… lol)

Excitment. Fear. Anger. Love. Hormones.

Thursday night, I had my first anxiety attack in my life. No appetite, was shaking, couldn’t breathe. Just thinking about it makes me wanna cry. It’s like if something completely took over my body. And I had no control over it. It was so fucked up. So scary. It drained my energy. Or was all my energy already drained.
I guess that’s what they call a burnout.

When we’re busy, we tend to completely ignore our emotions. And they accumulate.
This is why so many people in America, that are living the busy life, have anxiety.
We need to listen more carefully to our emotions. We need to make time to do so. It’s so easy to forget about them. But they are so important. You feel so much more in control of your mind when you can observe your emotions, embrace them and understand them. You feel more connected. to You.
It’s a magical thing, and I can’t wait to go deeper into it.

I know that everything will be fine. I absolutely do.
I believe that
The situation with my bachelor will be resolved really soon,
I am going to India for the month of April,
I will get accepted into my Masters in Financial Engineering,
I will kill it in my internship at PSP investment,
I will love taking my studies to a higher level.

December 2016 – I wrote some mentras for the first time in my notes.
Donne moi la chance de trouver un excellent stage avant de commencer ma maitrise.
               – PSP trouvé avant ma maitrise
Ecarte moi des tentations.
              – J’ai très bien réussi à dire non à quelques weekend.
Donne moi la motivations de donner tout ce que j’ai pour réussir.
    – Malgré tout le stress des finaux, j’ai réussi à avoir des escellents résultats.
Fait moi vivre quelque part d’autre.  
      Fait moi vivre d’autres belles aventures.    
– Inde.

HOW MAGICAL IS THAT ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Mind = Blown


Anyways, I’ve never felt exhausted to a point where I don’t have ANY “envi” to leave my house. I don’t even have energy to talk to my friends. Totally drained.
(or am I just high ?)


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